The Londinium Moses Basket

Moses baskets are named after the biblical figure Moses, born in 1393 BCE, who was found in a similar basket as an infant.

As the story goes, Moses’ parents hid him well for three months. Then one day they gave him a gentle push to float down the River Nile in a basket to escape his death, since the pharaoh of Egypt had written into law that every Hebrew baby boy was to be drowned immediately upon birth.

Hoping that Moses would be discovered and adopted, to ensure the baby’s safety, Moses’ sister Miriam watched him attentively while hiding close by. The baby’s cry was heard by one of the pharaoh’s daughters, a princess who then rescued baby Moses.

Miriam watched from a close distance until noticing that the princess was fond of the child and had decided to keep him. Miriam asked the princess if she would like a Hebrew nanny. The princess accepted the offer, so Miriam arranged to have Moses' real mother receive compensation to nurse her own child. Moses' mother then lived among Egyptian royalty raising her baby, Moses, who eventually grew into the man that would deliver the Ten Commandments to the World.

At Londinium, we import the highest of quality Maize Bassinet Carriers directly from its source in China, where the native people have been commercially hand weaving this product for hundreds of years.
*Included with purchase of Londinium Infant Bassinet Carrier.